Federica's dream

lumalife is the result of the passion and commitment of Federica, its founder.

A more natural lifestyle

Tired of feeling forced to choose between work and family (made up of her husband and her two splendid children), she decides to start her own business and found the snail farm "Il Regno della Lumaca" - “The Snail Kingdom” from scratch.

Enhancing beauty

At the beginning, working in the fields under the sun in summer and in the cold in winter was not easy, but with great perseverance after a year and a half he managed to create his first cosmetic line based on snail slime produced with natural ingredients: lumalife

800 sm

of farming






“The Snail Kingdom”

A few steps from the vineyards of the famous Moscato di Scanzo wine, in the province of Bergamo, there is the "Il Regno della Lumaca" helicicultural company, born from the love of nature and the passion for beauty.

How lumalife is made

lumalifeproducts are born right inside the Snail Kingdom, which extends over an area of 800 m2. The small size allows you to take care of the breeding in the best possible way and down to the smallest details, without using any type of chemical product to guarantee health and prevent any contamination.

The snails are fed with fresh vegetables, supplementing their diet with special flours, to guarantee them complete nutrition in all phases of breeding. The extraction of the slime from the snails takes place rigorously using a cruelty-free method, while all cosmetic products are carefully studied in the laboratory and produced in a highly specialized factory.